The Deacons Ministry is to lead in worship, Bible Study and evangelism; support the Pastor by serving in congregational and Pastoral care and to administer benevolence, discipline and reconciliation.

We are comprised of eternal servants/disciples of Jesus Christ and all are officers of the Church. We base our scriptural inception on Act 6:1-7. Our firm commitment is to Christ and to His kingdom building as his humble Servants and to our Pastor, who is the under shepherd. We pursue the high calling in Christ Jesus by regularly attending Church services, meetings and conferences and leading in the devotions, worship services, prayer, studying the Bible, evangelizing, tithing, attending Church Advisory and Business meetings. We are responsible for the administration of congregational care, benevolence, church discipline and reconciliation.

We desire to hold up the arms of our Pastors by studying the Word of God with our Pastor and implementing God’s vision as it is given to them by and through the Holy Spirit. We see ourselves as servants of Jesus Christ and Lay ministers assisting the Pastoral Staff in the care and spiritual development of the Church. We desire to fervently pray for our Pastors, their families and our congregation and work with them in the spiritual process of equipping the Saints.


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