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Our congregation receives new members who come to us in one of the following ways:

  • Candidate for Baptism: Upon the profession of faith in Christ, as Lord, Savior, and Forgiver of your sins.
  • Transfer of Membership:  This is done by the submittal of a letter to New Salem from your former church home.
  • Christian Experience:  You are inactive as a church member and wish to activate your church membership and renew your relationship with Jesus Christ.
New Salem welcomes as new members, all believers in Jesus as Lord and Savior who are interested in:
1.     Searching studiously the Scriptures;
2.     Seeking to share faith in Christ with others;
3.     Serving through a loving and healing ministry among persons who are burdened, bruised, and beaten by life;
4.     Sharing your Time, Talents, and Treasure for advancing the Kingdom of God;
5.     Strengthening your daily walk, worship, and prayer life in relationship with God;
6.     Striving to be an humble instrument of unity, peace, and fellowship in the church family;
7.     Supporting those causes which advance freedom, justice, and human dignity in our world.

If you would like to discuss becoming a member of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, you may do so by:

Completing our online membership form

or by emailing us at, and someone will contact you