Welcome to
New Salem

Prayer is our Priority

Every believer was created to belong to a community. It was never God’s heart for us to do this life alone.

you are always welcome here!
welcome to our church

Empowered by God to reach others for Christ

What to Expect

Learn more about our values and our story as a church by visiting the about us page.

When believers gather together, they gather to worship. While God desires that we also worship Him privately, there is something special that happens when believers come together in community to worship God. What does “gathered” worship look like? We worship through music.

Upon entering the church, you will be greeted by ushers or members of the congregation who would welcome you and offer any assistance you might need, such as finding a seat or locating facilities.

An Open Heart and Mind: One of the most important things to bring when visiting our church is an open heart and mind. Be receptive to the experience and the message being shared.

We have a casual environment: Business casual or semi-formal attire is appropriate for our church services. For men, this might include slacks or khakis, a collared shirt, and dress shoes. For women, options might include dresses, skirts or dress pants, blouses, and closed-toe shoes.

Absolutely, you can invite people to accompany you to church! Many churches welcome visitors and encourage their members to invite friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to join them for worship services and other church activities.

Inviting others to church can be a great way to share your faith, introduce people to your community, and provide them with an opportunity to experience the warmth and fellowship of a church congregation.