The Celebration Department leads the congregation in Celebrating Our Savior during times of worship through music, dance and other fine arts.

Director: Maaria Nelson

Deacon: Taylor Solomon

  • Audio Visual Ministry

    This team of dedicated technicians named the Audio-Visual Ministry is working to use technology to creatively share “Christ’s Good News” to a lost world, to reach the unsaved masses and to increase awareness of Christ through God’s word.
  • Fine Arts Ministry

    New Salem’s Fine Arts ministry is pushing the borders of the worship experience and creating new avenues for partners to display their love for God through exciting dance, and theatrical presentations. Dance Ministry We believe in expressing our Love for Jesus in different ways. This ministry is designed to give a cultural outlet for people possessing the special talent to dance. President: Maaria Nelson
  • Music Ministry

    We are committed to magnifying the Lord through music, and singing is the primary goal of this team. The Worship Ministry is made up of several choirs and musicians that strive to promote an atmosphere of high praise during worship services. As a whole, we are moving to new heights in exaltation ministries. Divine Destiny - If you are 18-35 or just love vibrant and energetic songs with a modern twist based in the Word, this is the choir for you. Divine Destiny serves on 3rd Sundays. MEN'S FELLOWSHIP CHOIR - Come experience the power moving through the voices of our dynamic Men's Choir. It's awesome to see brothers who love God, their families, church and each other. YOUTH CHOIR - Let the children praise him! The youth choir serves on 2nd Sundays. Minister of Music: Taylor Solomon
  • Ushers/Greeters Ministry

    Coming Soon!! President: Tracy Melendez